[Wine]Video Codecs, Video Editing and Wine

Dan McGhee farmerdan at i-rule.net
Tue Aug 3 20:46:49 CDT 2004

I am trying to get a video editing application, Edit Studio 4, working 
in wine.  I think I have been successful except for previewing the 
project once it is assembled.

When I click on the "play" button for the preview, the initial frame 
plays for about two seconds, the screen then goes black and then, at the 
end of the preview, the last frame shows as a still image.  I'm pretty 
sure I'm up against a codec situation.

I learned tonight that windows does not come with MPEG2 codecs and that 
Edit Studio uses windows and DirectX codecs--I don't know which ones 
yet.  The "Developers-Hints" describes msvideo.dll and msrle32.dll as 
"video codecs" and the "Wine Developer's Guide" describes msvfw32.dll as 
a "32-bit windows video system."  With the knowlege that I gained about 
MPEG2 codecs, is it a good assumption to say that the dll's I just 
mentioned are MPEG1 codecs?

The "Wine Developer's Guide" describes d3d*.dll as "DriectX/Direct 
drawing libraries."  I have concluded that d3d8 would imply DirectX8.  
Is that correct?

The [mci] portion of the wine system.ini file contains the line:
Is this an MPEG2 codec?  If so, I don't know how to point Edit Studio to 
it.  Any pointers?

In the same system.ini file, lines containing ir50.dll, ir32.dll and 
iccvid.dll, in the [drivers] section, are commented out.  Are these 
necessary for what I'm trying to do?

The system.ini file from an ME partition contains the lines:

Do these refer to MPEG2 codecs?

[Two more questions, then I'm done <G>]

If any of the lines I mentioned above need to be added to the wine 
system.ini file,  I know that I need to put the dll into 
c:\\windows\\system.  Do I also need to use DllOverride either in the 
command line or [AppDefaults] to load them?

Lastly, I have read that Xvid "crosses all barriers"--don't know I 
couldn.t get the binary to intall in wine.  However, I have the tar.bz2 
file.  If I install that, does wine, if I reinstall it, pick up on the 
linux version of the codec and point to it?  Or, would I need to learn 
winelib and do it that way?

Sorry this has been so lengthy.  I don't know how I could have asked 
these questions more simply and directly.  Thanks for your patience in 
reading it and thank you for any knowlege that you send me.


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