[Wine]cedega free beta RPMs

Ivan Leo Puoti puoti at inwind.it
Sun Aug 8 12:23:47 CDT 2004

To avoid buggy RPMs Marek Lipovcan and I have decided to release beta RPMs of
If you want to get them, please let us know, for info check on our winex
download page.
availability is limited and for broadband users only.
Once we're sure the RPMs are bug free, they will be available for all.


p.s. This email is informative, non commercial, and sent for the benefit of the
open source community, we respect other people's copyright and licences, and
make no prpofit from distributing free binaries of winex/cedega. We do it for
the benefit of all, so that if wine can't yet run your favorite games, you have
a choise other thant Microsoft. If you don't like this, please just ignore us.

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