[Wine]problem with delphi bde app

Kuba Leszewski k.leszewski at ce3.pl
Thu Aug 12 08:48:21 CDT 2004

Rein Klazes wrote:

>On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:45:58 +0200, you wrote:
>>Any help is appreciated.
>>I can provide more information if it's needed.
>The warn messages by themselves are not that useful. 
>A first try at debugging this would go like this:
>-1 run wine with WINEDEBUG=+relay wine ... &> wine.log
>-2 kill the process when the error box appears.
>-3 open wine.log (BIG!) in your favorite editor and search for the error
>text that you saw  in the error box.
>-4 look upward from that line in the file for calls that failed or
>otherwise look suspicious. Those may be the cause of the error.
OK. I did as You wrote.

I noticed some problems, with wine trying to load builtin dlls that 
didn't exist.
I forced it to load native ones, that my application itself provided.
They were: vbar322.dll, vbajet32, msjet35,msjint35 and msjter35.
I did install MS's DAO under WINE too. I think all these dlls come from 
this package.

I really cannot see anything suspicious in the debug-log right now, but 
I still get  the same error.

How do You know if the message is suspicious ?
I tried searching for "fail" "err" etc, and really couldn't find anything.

I cannot paste all the logs here, but maybe You can point me to 
something I should watch out for.

And forget about the error, I wrote about in my previous message.
It still appears, but it happens after I close the error-messages box.

One thing that might be useful is that the exception is handled by the 
I mean, the application catches this exception, and displays a nice 
message box.
So probably this is an error, that the programmer did think of.

Do You have any suggestions, what I can do next about it ?
Or maybe someone else  have some experiences with running apps that use 


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