[Wine]Nasty segfault problem...

The MCP ejkeever at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 12 15:11:59 CDT 2004

I'm having some massive Wine problems as of late. I recently tried
(again) to compile/install wine-20040716. It immediately segfaulted
without explanation, even if the request were as simple as --version.
When I tried to fix this problem, it just completely broke my whole Wine

So I went all the way back to 20040121, and started rebuilding and
reinstalling them from there. 0121 went fine, 0213 went fine, 0309 went
fine, 0408 went fine, 0505 went fine, 0615 is now exhibiting the
immediate segfault problem.

What's up with this? I really don't want to be stuck at 20040505.

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