[Wine]reiser4 and half-life

Job Bob yzhang2004 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 15 02:25:49 CDT 2004

  Hi. I've recently converted my laptop's file system
to reiser4. Everything is fine except when I attempt
to run Half-Life.

  The command wine hl.exe hangs indefinitely at the
console. Everything worked before when Half-Life was
on an ext3 file system. I even moved it back to an
file system and it worked again.

  Any ideas on what the problem might be or has anyone
had the same problem. I've already asked this question
on the reiser4 mailing lists, but it seems that they
have never experienced this. 

Here's my setup:

kernel with the corresponding reiser4 patches 
(problem also happens when I was using kernel 2.6.7
with reiser4)

July release of wine.

                                Thanks for any help,

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