[Wine]Nasty segfault problem...

Paolo oopla at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Aug 15 00:44:18 CDT 2004

On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 10:09:21PM -0400, michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com wrote:

> > well, nevermind, that was just for trying, but to install/use DCOM I'd need 
> > a W9x license, and I don't have it here, as I'm on a fully fake Windoz.
> > So I won't install/use that prg.
> If you have a licence for W98, it's 100% legal, even if you overwrote
> the Windows partition, so long as it's on the same pc, because you do
> have the licence.  Many, many apps won't work if the DCOM is imperfect,
> or will be buggy - but if you are willing to live with it, what the
> heck.  On the other hand, running the builtin DCOM would help wine
> developers somewhat, I think, if you report the status of DCOM.

thanks for your insights; I don't have a W98 license for the machine I'm 
using, hence cannot use the native dcom or any other dll/library with same 
clause, and will keep on trying the built in - no joy so far, though, apps 
don't even complete setup, since it detects dcom9x isn't there, so I assume 
wine-dcom, if any, is still fairly incomplete.

btw: for ref, the labelling prg is the BAR-ONE-Lite from 
which comes free with every Zebra barcode-label-printer.

-- paolo
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