[Wine]First use of 20040813

The MCP ejkeever at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 15 23:52:33 CDT 2004

First, it's nice to have finally found winecfg (replaced winesetup?),
which only occurred to me as I watched the word come up as I was
compiling. I can't seem to make it set a virtual desktop, though.

[BTW, winecfg makes it nice and obvious that is doesn't actually
configure your WINE installation... only just noticed]

SimCity 4 Deluxe did the usual... started, completely mangled the city
listings (Most of the region view was blank grass), and then silently
died when I tried to load a city or start a new one.

Autocad 2000 started and works, but is intolerably slow. The only
problem is that some text does not render if it isn't just the
block-characters you see from long range. This error came up repeatedly
and I think it's to blame:
fixme:font:ExtTextOutW called on an open path

I just tried to play Outpost 2 from CD... WTF:
   [erik-k at erik cdrom]$ wine autoplay
   Warning: could not find DOS drive for current working directory
'/mnt/cdrom', starting in the Windows directory.
   wine: cannot find 'autoplay'
Since when can WINE not use a *CD drive*? Even when I tried copying the
whole CD to the HDD, the program will still seek the CD and still won't
run. I repeat: WTF?

Trying to run MechCommander... Bzzzt! Can't see the damn CD drive.

At this point, I'm giving up on my CD games... What is wrong with WINE

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