[Wine]Font troubles: Wine always uses Baekmuk

michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com
Mon Aug 16 23:14:51 CDT 2004

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 05:06:04PM +0200, Sebastian Reichelt wrote:
> Hello!
> I have installed Wine through Debian without any existing Windows
> partition. However, I cannot get the fonts to display correctly. I don't
> want to install the Microsoft fonts because that somehow messes up the
> Pango aliases, affecting IceWM and GTK2. I could not figure out how to
> solve that. Anyway, I'd rather use the FreeSans font as the default
> system font, and also map Arial and Helvetica to it.
> With the default Wine configuration, however, Wine always substitutes
> the Baekmuk font, which looks very ugly. It seems to be the first
> available TrueType font or so. But xfontsel shows a nice sans-serif font
> for -adobe-helvetica-. I've also tried to set the default font to
> FreeSans (e.g. -*-freesans-, and various other things) or just sans.
> Nimbus Sans L would also be fine.
> I've noticed something even more strange. In an app of my own, where I
> can set the font to use, I can set the font to FreeSans and it really
> uses that font (it's just a little small). However, if I set it to
> Helvetica and add an alias from Helvetica to FreeSans, it still uses
> Baekmuk instead.

Hmm... I remember that in another message, someone got an error fixme
mentioning how wine was only using the first font.  Is this possibly
your issue - that Baekmuk is the first font alphabetically in your font
list?  You might be interested in looking into fixing this in the code
by creating a config option to select a font - try asking wine-devel.

You might also want to look and see if your alias is working, if it
works in linux apps, and if wine supports aliases.

> Could the problem have something to do with XFT? Wine displays fonts in
> a nice antialiased way, whereas xfontsel doesn't. Well, I really don't
> have a clue. Maybe my X font setup is messed up, too.
> Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
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> Sebastian Reichelt
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