[Wine]Dreamweaver MX encountered a fatal exception

Angela Burrell angela at jobsearchnetwork.ca
Wed Aug 18 15:50:45 CDT 2004

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> If memory serves me right, the WinME emulation mode is still vastly
> incomplete, and hardly usable.

> If the fake_windows is W98, can't you just run Dreamweaver under W98
> emulation mode?  Wouldn't that make more sense?  W98 mode works much
> better than W-ME in terms of completion and function, I believe.

Thanks for the input, Michael. The software does the same thing when I
change the "config" file to win98 or winxp as well. Is that the only thing I
have to change to set the emulation?

> You may also want to look at the August release of Wine, if you can get
> it to compile.  Good luck.

Well, this is the third wine version I've tried - I started with 20040505,
then June, and now July. I've not much hope that using a different wine will
help, since I can't seem to run Macromedia Fireworks or FreeHand either. The
only thing I can run is Solitaire.. (not very productive). I think it must
be the way I compiled it, or my settings or something. I'm not sure, but I
appreciate the help the list gives me.

Thanks again.


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