[Wine]problem with delphi bde app

Kuba Leszewski k.leszewski at ce3.pl
Thu Aug 19 04:56:13 CDT 2004

> There is definitely something strange here:
> |0009:Call kernel32.FindFirstFileA(4065f170 "X:\\INMEM000.REM",4065f030) ret=4be0780d
> search for the indicated file.
> ...
> |0009:Ret  ntdll.RtlNtStatusToDosError() retval=00000012 ret=40269a3f
> |0009:Ret  kernel32.FindFirstFileA() retval=ffffffff ret=4be0780d
> This call fails. The error code 00000012 means ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES. In
> other words the file is not found.
> Shortly after it:
> |0009:Call kernel32.CreateFileA(4065f054 "X:\\INMEM000.REM",c0000000,00000000,00000000,00000002,10000080,00000000) ret=4be055fe
> Create or open file. The fifth parameter (00000002) means OPEN_ALWAYS.
> Meaning that if the file does not exist it is created, if it does the
> file will be overwritten.
> ...
> |0009:Ret  kernel32.CreateFileA() retval=ffffffff ret=4be055fe
> |0009:Call kernel32.GetLastError() ret=4be05773
> |0009:Ret  kernel32.GetLastError() retval=00000050 ret=4be05773
> Also this call fails. The error 00000050 means ERROR_FILE_EXISTS.
> So first the file does not exist, then it does not, but that should not
> matter.
> Puzzling. What is the version of wine you are using? Can you have a look
> at that file, look at permissions etc?

I'm currently using 20040716. Actually it's wine-20040716-1fc2.i686, 
since I run it on Fedora Core 2.
I just noticed there's a newer snapshot, so I I'll try it.

I looked for the file You asked.
It get's created, on drive x:, which points my the /home/jleszews/.wine/tmp
File gets created with  my (as a user that runs wine) uid and gid.
It has 0664 permissions.
It's size is 0 bytes.
File gets deleted when application finishes. I mean,  when I accept the 
error, and let the application quit itself.
If I break the application, then the file doesn't get deleted.

I upgraded to 20040813, but it's still the same.

Where do I find these error codes' meanings ?
Is there a list somewhere on the net, or should I check wine's sources 
for it ?

> Rein.


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