[Wine]HELP - 'version mismatch' error?

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Aug 22 11:59:16 CDT 2004

Rich Coco wrote:
> On a linux RedHat-9 PC, I had wine set up and running fine
> (the version that came with the RH distro and perhaps updated
> via the RH update service when it used to be available).
> For example, I sucessfully ran Xnews on my linux box under wine.
> However, certain other windows apps did not work so i thought perhaps
> I would update to the latest cvs version of wine (the RH-9.0 version
> being well behind the lastest available, plus I understand wine is
> improving all the time).
> I uninstalled the RH version (using rpm) and manually blew away a
> directory I found via 'locate wine': /usr/lib/wine

If you had to manually blow away that directory, I would be inclined to 
think that the RPM was not completely uninstalled. You might want to 
check around a bit more. For example, on the Wine rpm file, execute
rpm -qlp wine-....rpm (the name of the rpm file)
That will list all the files the RPM installs, including the paths where 
the files go. Check all those paths to see if anything remains. Also, 
you might want to check what is in the paths listed in /etc/ld.so.conf. 
And finally check the file dates of the wine files in /usr/local/bin and 
/usr/local/lib (assuming you used the default Wine installation paths.

CVS Wine works fine on RH9; that is what I am using.

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