[Wine]wine reg clean up questions ??

Dan Sawyer dansawyer at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 22 16:39:02 CDT 2004


The error message below appears on Wine start up. The .wine/config 
directory does not have a file L defined. Where does it, "L", come from? 
What is the cause of these errors? This configuration is Wine using a 
native position. Are these errors a result of the native registry or the 
wine registry? I have booted the native partition and run RegClean; it 
is happy with the native registry.

This is a win98 system. Where did the win95 registry reference come 
from? Is this significant?


[dan at 600e bin]$ wine /mnt/win98/Program\ Files/Microsoft\ 
err:reg:_convert_win95_registry_to_wine_format unable to load native 
win95 registry file L"c:\\windows\\user.dat": unknown signature.
err:reg:_convert_win95_registry_to_wine_format Unable to load native 
win95 registry file L"c:\\windows\\user.dat".
err:reg:_convert_win95_registry_to_wine_format Please report this.
err:reg:_convert_win95_registry_to_wine_format Make a backup of the 
file, run a good reg cleaner program and try again!
Warning: could not find DOS drive for current working directory 
'/usr/local/bin', starting in the Windows directory.

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