[Wine]HELP - 'version mismatch' error?

Walt Ogburn reuben at ugcs.caltech.edu
Mon Aug 23 14:09:16 CDT 2004

When you compiled the new Wine, all of the executables probably went under
/user/local/bin.  Have you checked under /usr/bin to make sure there are
no other Wine binaries there?

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Rich Coco wrote:

> On a linux RedHat-9 PC, I had wine set up and running fine
> (the version that came with the RH distro and perhaps updated
> via the RH update service when it used to be available).
> For example, I sucessfully ran Xnews on my linux box under wine.
> However, certain other windows apps did not work so i thought perhaps
> I would update to the latest cvs version of wine (the RH-9.0 version
> being well behind the lastest available, plus I understand wine is
> improving all the time).
> I uninstalled the RH version (using rpm) and manually blew away a
> directory I found via 'locate wine': /usr/lib/wine

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