[Wine]Com ports working?

Jochen Roedenbeck roe at spl-spindel.de
Tue Aug 24 00:44:22 CDT 2004

Richard W. Knight schrieb:
> Has anyone been able to get the com ports working under any recent 
> version of Wine? I need to get basic dial-up access to a PBX and 
> Voice-mail console but have not yet been able to get my modem to work 
> with Wine. I have links to Com1, Com2, Com3 and Com4 in 
> ~/.wine/dosdevices. My com ports work fine with Minicom and with KPPP 
> but apps in WIne do not recognize the ports at all.

I had problems with com ports, too, and I could not solve them by
now. Unfortunately I never got any answer on this list. So I think
no-one else is interested in that topic.

Jochen Roedenbeck

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