[Wine]Wine on Cygwin

Gordon R. Keehn gordonkeehn at netzero.net
Tue Aug 24 13:39:31 CDT 2004

Jeff Hudson wrote:
> Hi,
> It's been some time since the question was asked: Does wine now compile on 
> cygwin?
> I know there are some apps and games out there that just won't run under 
> Win2k/XP anymore and for them a wine running under Win2k/Xp would be like the 
> perfect solution.
> Has anyone infos on this?
> Thanks in advance
> Jeff

      Interesting question.  In my limited (and relatively uninformed) 
opinion, the answer is "no".  After patching ./include/wine/port.h to 
fix what I think was a bad implementation of __ASM_GLOBAL_FUNC (but 
then, what do I know?) I receive an error making dsound_test.exe in 
./dlls/dsound/tests.  The following message is issued:

cannot find -ldxerr8

File ./dlls/libdxerr8.a exists;  it is not an archive, but rather a 
symlink to the real archive file in ./dlls/dxerr8 (libdxerr9.a and 
libdxguid.a are defined the same way).  It doesn't seem to me that this 
should be an issue, but obviously it is.  That's as far as I've gotten, 
and given my available time and knowledge level, as far as I'm likely to 
Gordon Keehn

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