[Wine] diablo 1 fun and troubles

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at ar.fi.lt
Wed Aug 25 00:14:20 CDT 2004

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Philippe Anctil wrote:
> I have installed Diablo 1 lately and found Wine can't load the game 
> succesfully. I see a few frames of Blizzard's intro, then it freezes.

Hm, I would say it doesn't freeze in my case, it just blacks out instead.  
The sound of the intro is present and it can be stopped by pressing Esc of
Space key, though I see nothing on the monitor.

> With Cedega 4.0 it works pretty well> I played for a couple hours then found 
> later I can't load my games back. Ain't that funny? 

Hehe, yeah, and that's a true hardcore Diablo 1. =)

> It seems to be a menu problem. 

Yes.  When running blacked out Diablo 1 on Wine I can cycle through the
menu by pressing Tab and can enter submenus by pressing Enter.

The more interesting thing happens when returning back to a previous
menus: I can switch to another X11 app, then switch back to the Wine
window, then if I press Esc I see Diablo old menu screen for one second or
so (which should be redrawn but which is blacked out instead). :-/

> Another thing I noticed with Cedega is, multiplayer hangs really quick.

Well, maybe it does so when the game tries to save a multiplayer character
to the file?  The interval of time between savings (in multiplayer mode)
is about 1-2 minutes.  

> Diablo's interface also suffers the same refresh problems as Starcraft.
> Blizzard must have reused the same framework.

Have never checked that.  Thanks for the idea, I am going to check.  

I have some guess about Blizzard using DirectDraw surfaces and standard
windows controls here to create the GUI and this doesn't work right.

> Has anyone found their way around any or all of these problems?

No, I haven't.  It would be great to get the game running with Wine.

And with the CVS-wine of yesterday I can not launch Diablo 1 at all as it
complains about invalid video mode or such (DDERR_INVALIDMODE at dx.cpp
line 170).  I am going to investigate more.

PS  Philippe, I think a behaviour of the game can depend on the version of
the game-patch applied.  Although in my case both the v1.00 and the v1.09
didn't work, it may not be the case with Cedega.  Have you tried different
versions of the game-patch with it?

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