[Wine]batch file fails, individual programs in it run

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Aug 25 09:23:28 CDT 2004

Thus spake Rein Klazes:
> For running batch files wine gets the command interpreter form the
> environment variable COMSPEC. Wine comes with wcmd. Try:
> COMSPEC=/usr/local/bin/wcmd wine start foo.bat
> (adjust the path if needed)
> or user wcmd directly:
> wcmd /c foo.bat
> I am not sure whether having to specify COMSPEC is a feature or a bug.
> Perhaps it is related to the other configuration changes that "happened"
> lately.
> Rein.
> -- 
> Rein Klazes
> rklazes at xs4all.nl

Setting COMSPEC makes this work. That solves the problem for me. Woo! 

Apparently COMSPEC became compulsory for this between the 20040505 and the 
20040615 builds, as I started to see the problem behavior after upgrading 
to the latter.

Thanks so much!


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