[Wine] diablo 1 fun and troubles

Philippe Anctil z77y16 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 25 19:20:04 CDT 2004

> > I have installed Diablo 1 lately and found Wine can't load the game
> > succesfully. I see a few frames of Blizzard's intro, then it freezes.
>Hm, I would say it doesn't freeze in my case, it just blacks out instead.
>The sound of the intro is present and it can be stopped by pressing Esc of
>Space key, though I see nothing on the monitor.

You're right. The game doesn't freeze. It blacks out. I exited the game with 
ESC but I didn't pay much attention to what was going on. I very quickly 
branded the result as 'major failure'.

> > Another thing I noticed with Cedega is, multiplayer hangs really quick.
>Well, maybe it does so when the game tries to save a multiplayer character
>to the file?  The interval of time between savings (in multiplayer mode)
>is about 1-2 minutes.

Could be that. I don't know Diablo enough to tell. I never played in multi. 
I tried only recently under Wine.

> > Diablo's interface also suffers the same refresh problems as Starcraft.
> > Blizzard must have reused the same framework.
>Have never checked that.  Thanks for the idea, I am going to check.

Well, I was again not totally clear here. What you have to compare is the 
battle net interface in Starcraft with the interface in Diablo in general. 
Most of the screen looks dark, some things do not refresh properly, etc. But 
still, you see enough to do what you need.

>And with the CVS-wine of yesterday I can not launch Diablo 1 at all as it
>complains about invalid video mode or such (DDERR_INVALIDMODE at dx.cpp
>line 170).  I am going to investigate more.

I tried 20040813 release only.

>PS  Philippe, I think a behaviour of the game can depend on the version of
>the game-patch applied.  Although in my case both the v1.00 and the v1.09
>didn't work, it may not be the case with Cedega.  Have you tried different
>versions of the game-patch with it?

No I haven't. I tried 1.09 right away. Other games I've tried with Wine 
wouldn't work properly until I patched them (Warcraft III and Half Life). It 
kinda become part of the process to update games immediatly.

BTW do you know of a good doc to start hacking wine? I have plenty of 
programming knowledge but the size of Wine is discouraging me. I checked on 
winehq org but most of the doc seems to be very api oriented. I don't know 
where to start.


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