[Wine]Com ports working?

michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com
Wed Aug 25 21:03:58 CDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 24, 2004 at 11:41:25AM -0700, Richard W. Knight wrote:
> Rein Klazes wrote:
> >On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:37:38 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> > 
> >
> >>Has anyone been able to get the com ports working under any recent 
> >>version of Wine? I need to get basic dial-up access to a PBX and 


> Thanks for the reply. I have CVS from yesterday (08/23) installed. 
> Windows Terminal.exe is able to access the com ports, but my application 
> (ProCommPlus32) does not see any modems attached. It complains of 
> Windows Dial-up networking not being installed. I have another com app, 

Hmm... so DUN would manage AT command sets and initialize the modem for
you, so that the program doesn't have to?  Or maybe it's just using the
DUN to check the modem's port...

> HyperAccess, that also cannot find any attached modems so I assume it is 
> also looking for Windows DUN. Any other suggestions?

A proper windows program would use DUN to find modems, although any
other program for any other OS would actually probe the COMs and find
the modem manually.  Like on linux. *sigh*

Maybe try installing M$'s DUN 1.3?  Or, you could contact wine-devel and
actually write a patch that fixes this, if you know how.  Maybe look at
the debug logs, and see what needs to be made and write the patches for

> Thanks,
> Rick Knight
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Hope I helped, and good luck.
-Michael Chang

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