[Wine]warn:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName (Xilinx)

Rein Klazes rklazes at xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 28 02:19:59 CDT 2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:12:10 -0400, you wrote:

> > > Wine failed with return code 1
> I think this is the error Craig is concerned with.  Even though he is
> only getting warnings, those warnings are probably the cause of wine
> failing.
> > Any reason why you think these warnings are a problem?
> All warnings should be taken to heart.  A warning is a caution that
> says "something might be wrong here so look into it."  If a program is
> running smoothly and not messing up, then we shouldnt be issuing
> warnings, because everything is running correctly.  Just like when
> compiling, warnings should always be looked in to.

You have not bothered to look at the warnings, did you? 

Read them: files are reported not to be there. There are plenty of
reasons why that may be good or bad. Wine cannot possibly tell the
difference. They are there because they MAY indicate trouble. The result
is that enabling warnings will ALWAYS generate zillions of warnings,
EVEN with perfect running programs and there is no trouble AT ALL.

Just try it.

Rein Klazes
rklazes at xs4all.nl

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