[Wine]TrueType fonts, 3d modellers and wine

Luke Miller lukemill at alphalink.com.au
Sat Aug 28 03:27:17 CDT 2004


Many 3d modellers can use TrueType fonts to create 3D objects of words.

Lightwave and Behemont are two that spring to mind. I can't find any on 

However, both lightwave and behemont give me the error:
fixme:commdlg:CFn_WMInitDialog No font found with truetype only, 
dropping flag

This is after the font has been correctly displayed in a "font 
selection" box. The error seems to occur when the 3d modeller attempts 
to convert the font to vertices or something. I'm thinking that maybe 
the program is using a low-level api that gets the location of the font 
so it can use its own loader, instead of a higher level wine/win api.

Has anyone encountered this error before, and any suggestions on how to 
fix it? Or, aternatively, does anyone know a  3d modeller in linux that 
can load truetype fonts as objects?


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