[Wine]Pegasus Mail: Opening HTTP links in linux browser

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at gmx.de
Mon Aug 30 02:35:02 CDT 2004

Am 29 Aug 2004 um 23:11 hat michael at cherryblossom.homelin geschrieben:

> > > Running wine with --debugmsg +reg doesn't output any registry operations. 
> > 
> > What version of wine are you using? The --debugmsg option has been
> > replaced ages ago. You must now run wine like:
> This guy is running debian, if I've been following the thread correctly. 
> I must note that because of Debian's packaging system, wine (and most
> every other package) can take months or a year or two to filter down to
> the 'stable' version -- even the 'unstable' ("cutting edge") can be up
> to 1 month behind winehq releases.
Yes, i really use debian, but the old option "--debugmsg" has I read in an old thread 
posted on this mailing list. I currently run the 20040615-1 version from testing (my 
debian system is a mix of testing and unstable). 

> Although my packages cache is about a week or two old, (you can do an
> up-to-date search on http://packages.debian.org), look at this:
> Woody Stable: Wine 20020411-1 
> -(no, that's not a typo; yes, it says April 2002...)
> "Sid" Testing: Wine 20040615-1
No code name "Sid" is unstable, code name "Sarge" is testing.

> Unstable: 20040716-1
The philosophy of debian says, that after the official release only security updates will 
be integrated for maximum stability and reliability. So, stable (Debian 3.0) was 
released during July 2002 if I'm right, because of that there is really an old wine 
version used in the stable distribution. The other versions (testing and unstable) are at 
the moment still no "official" versions, but will be sometime in future. "sarge" (testing) 
*will be* the next stable release, after this "sid" (unstable) will be the next stable 



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