[Wine]Re: wine-users digest, Vol 1 #1852 - 12 msgs

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Aug 30 11:45:28 CDT 2004

Duane Clark wrote:
> Ed O'Loughlin wrote:
>>I'm looking for a way to do this, but wine 200407* no longer seems to
>>have a .wine/config file. I'm compiling 20040813 at the moment. Any
>>ideas how to set the windows version since 200407*
> In theory, this should be configured using winecfg. The information 
> would be kept in the registry. I have not actually tried it to see 
> whether this works, though.

Well, I tested it and it doesn't seem to work :-( So create a 
~/.wine/config file that contains something like:

"Windows" = "win2k"
;"DOS" = "6.22"

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