[Wine]Wine and industrial communication like OPC

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Tue Aug 31 04:24:16 CDT 2004

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> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:41:13 -0500, you wrote:
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> > Hello!
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> > I have some questions about Wine and how/if it can be used with industrial communication like OPC (MicroSoft Com/DCom objects, DDE and more)
> > 
> > My short question is:
> > Can I use Wine to make OPC communication work with a Linux system.
> > 
> > OPC "OLE for Process Control"
> > A "general" standard for communication in industrial systems, that unfortunately is totally depending on Windows

>>> CAT >>>

> I remember that OPC heavily uses DCOM. I do not think that wine's
> implementation is sufficiently advanced and compatible to have much
> hope. Yet the experts are on the developer list, you will get a better
> answer there.

I should join the developer list to get an answer...
No developers here?

> Then, did you really look very well for a native Linux solution? After
> looking only 20 seconds on www.opcfoundation.org (those that created OPC
> specs in the first place) I see already client and server Toolkits for
> Unix/Linux.  

For about a year ago I looked around for a Linux OPC solution, then all the implementations were without same of the OPC:s funktions.
Now it looks better, that's true. But if the license costs are as they were before it is not god.

I also se that OPC true XML is now a real product, that seems promising.
Although most industrial systems demands compability with all versions of OPC, and OPC XML while probably not be used in several years, except on totally new projects.

I knew most of this, and have looked at it before (perhaps I should have mentioned it too).

/ Rickard

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