[Wine]Anybody running VirtualDub ?

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Aug 31 16:45:05 CDT 2004

Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!
>   I just tried to run VirtualDub 1.5.10 with current wine from CVS.
>   The program runs, but when the video playback is started (or even the video
> file is just loaded), all the screen except the window with the first video
> frame goes black. The video is played properly. All is alive and well,
> underlying windows/icons are there and they react on the mouse, windows can
> be moved (if You find their borders blindly), in which case they appear for
> a short while but disappear soon, as VD redraws its window.
>   When VD is terminated, the screen remains black, but it can be easily
> refreshed by switching virtual desktops or by moving a window around all the
> screen :-).
>   VD is a great program and it really _almost_ works, but this problem makes
> it practically useless. Is there anybody, who has solved it or simply got
> VD working ?

Hmm, well I have VDub 1.4.13, and it works ok. I downloaded 1.5.10, and 
it does indeed have the problem you mention. I did not try to find out 
where it broke. So I guess, try old versions :-(

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