[Wine]problems installing MS Office on wine

Nave, Ronald NaveR at fidelitytech.com
Thu Dec 2 11:41:58 CST 2004

I am attempting to install MS Office 2000 on a Fedora 3 system with the
latest  12/1/2004 wine
built from source.

I was getting multiple errors followed by the wine debugger aborting.

Based on information from the user group I have installed  dcom98.exe

( by downloading dcom98.exe and running  wine dcom98.exe ) 

This appeared to work , but produced a warning message  ( newer  version of
dcom already installed)

This did not seem to have any effect on the MS Office install.

Then I went to Frank's corner and found a reference to installing   MSI

I downloaded  InstMsiA.exe and installed it by typing

wine InstMsiA.exe.

Next I entered  wine MSSETUP.EXE

to start the Office install

The  MSOffice installer then started with a number of warning messages.

I was able to select the custom install office and the installation appeared
to start.

A dialog message appeared indicating that Office was configuring my system.

The dialog box appeared to freeze with about   5 percent completion.

Inspection of the system monitor showed that CPU useage was 100 percent.

No additional errors or warnings were displayed and the progress bar did not

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