[Wine]Microsoft Money 2003

bryant bryant at essexcorp.com
Fri Dec 3 11:14:30 CST 2004

Just a note that I installed Money 2003 last night.  I don't know if anyone
has done this successfully before or not.  It mostly works, too.  I was able
to set up accounts and download transactions, etc.  I will be doing more
experimentation with it and can provide additional information - if anyone
is interested.

Here what I did in a nutshell:
I used a recent wine build and installed IE6 using the install script
mentioned in the most recent wine newsletter.
I then ran Money 2003's setup.exe - which required a reboot.
'wineboot' didn't seem to complete the installation, so I looked at the
RunOnceEx keys in the registry and manually executed the commands for the
money setup.

Anyone else worked on this or interested in getting this application


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