[Wine]changing display font

M-Halo masochisthalo at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 14:32:19 CST 2004

--- "James E. LaBarre" <jamesl at bestweb.net> wrote:

> >On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 08:27 -0800, Duane Clark
> wrote:
> >> (You need to hit "Reply-all" so that responses go
> to the list, instead 
> >> of just to me.)
> >Sorry, The Fedora list mail comes "from" the list,
> so I never check the
> >to in the reply.
> I just wish you folks would stop whining when you
> get a message that should
> have gone to the list.  As long as the list insists
> upon varying from
> *expected* behavior (regardless on whether or not
> it's correct), you must
> expect to get misdirected messages.

No whining.  Sometimes people forget, and you have to
remind them about this or send the message back to the
alias.  Personally, unless the conversation leads to
something offline (from the alias), I prefer to keep
the message in the alias' eyes.

I just wish folks would stop "whining" about people
who "whine" about people who reply directly instead of
including this "wine" alias. hehe ;)


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