[Wine]reply should be to: wine-users@winehq.org not author

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Tue Dec 7 01:26:53 CST 2004

> >Why does this mailing list do that? Can't it be configured like most 
> >other lists for reply to: wine-users at winehq.org
> >
> >I often forget to look at the To: to see who it's going to --- I just 
> >assume that when I hit "reply" the msg will go back to the list (as it 
> >should.  it is a "distribution list" after all)
> Most lists I'm on default to replying to the individual who sent the 
> email, so I don't think we can safely generalize that "most other lists" 
> use the list address as the default reply-to.
  It probably depends on the particular person's experiences.
  For example, I'm subscribed to:
  - 5 various KDE lists (all of them @kde.org)
  - 3 lists about mobile phones (mostly local, Czech ones)
  - 2 lists themed about psychology, psychotherapy and similar issues
  ... and on ALL of these lists, reply goes to the list, not to the author.
  On the contrary, I'm subscribed also to wine-users at wihehq.org, which is the
ONLY list I know, replying to the author by default.
  So for me, it's scored 10:1 for replying to the list... I'm voting for it
here too.
               With regards, Pavel Troller

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