[Wine]reply should be to: wine-users@winehq.org not author

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Dec 7 02:04:28 CST 2004

Pavel Troller wrote:
>>>Why does this mailing list do that? Can't it be configured like most 
>>>other lists for reply to: wine-users at winehq.org
>>>I often forget to look at the To: to see who it's going to --- I just 
>>>assume that when I hit "reply" the msg will go back to the list (as it 
>>>should.  it is a "distribution list" after all)
>>Most lists I'm on default to replying to the individual who sent the 
>>email, so I don't think we can safely generalize that "most other lists" 
>>use the list address as the default reply-to.
> Hi!
>   It probably depends on the particular person's experiences.
>   For example, I'm subscribed to:
>   - 5 various KDE lists (all of them @kde.org)
>   - 3 lists about mobile phones (mostly local, Czech ones)
>   - 2 lists themed about psychology, psychotherapy and similar issues
>   ... and on ALL of these lists, reply goes to the list, not to the author.
>   On the contrary, I'm subscribed also to wine-users at wihehq.org, which is the
> ONLY list I know, replying to the author by default.
>   So for me, it's scored 10:1 for replying to the list... I'm voting for it
> here too.

Hmmm, out of my 10 assorted list memberships, the split is about 50-50. 
I notice that of your lists, 5 come from kde.org, so I suspect they've 
been set to a server-wide default. Like those stupid "[Wine]" bull chips 
showing up in the subject line. (I once asked the listowner of one of my 
other lists if he couldn't turn it off. He said he couldn't, it was a 
server-wide default and the higher-ups that managed the server had 
decided that they wanted the bull chips in the subject line.) I get 
lists from 4 different servers, so I suspect it has a lot to do with 
server management preferences.

Oh, I have three lists for which the owner adamantly demands all replies 
go to the list. The listowner uses the list archives as her place to 
learn things. She's also regularly yelling at list members to trim their 
posts judiciously, apparently she's always getting flack from her 
listserver admins about the bulging list archives! (She also has a long 
and rigid set of rules, and heaven help you if you violate one twice!!)

Anyway, the easiest way I have of dealing with such is to hit Reply-All 
and go from there.

gnome at hawaii.rr.com

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