[Wine]Wine on FC2 crashes on File Selection dialog

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Dec 7 16:06:40 CST 2004

HaJo Schatz wrote:
> In a last attempt to solve above issue (before going back to dual-boot,
> argl) I'm trying wild guesses: Anyone here running Wine on a box without
> Floppy-drive? My problem occurs on a laptop which only has the option of
> a USB-Floppy, which I have not connected...

You can always remove the floppy link. On current versions of Wine, just 
delete the ~/.wine/dosdevices/a: link.

> The same issue btw also occurs with the latest Wine of December and with
> CrossOverOffice Eval. I'm really wondering why no-one else seems to have
> that problem!?!

When weird symptoms like this are occurring that don't affect anyone 
else, the first thing I would suspect is that there might be an old 
version of Wine around, or some remaining files from an old version of Wine.

Another thing to try is to rename your .wine directory and your Wine C: 
drive. Run a Wine program (notepad) and it will recreate both from 
scratch. Does the problem still occur?

> If only I could figure out how to do a bt after the crash, wine seems
> not to like being debugged by gdb, notepad in such a case doesn't run at
> all it seems...

Does Wine show a debug prompt when the crash happens?

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