[Wine]WINE x Delphi BDE + MSSQL Client

Edilmar Alves - Lista edilista at fes.br
Tue Dec 7 18:22:46 CST 2004


I have an app with Delphi7 + MSSQL, developed during 10 years.

Now, the users have asked me about some way to run this app into Linux
Fedora Core 2/3.

I use Fedora for apps in Java with no problems, but I never heard about
Delphi run.

I look at WineHQ site about this combination of Delphi + MSSQL but I
didn't find. I found some thing about Delphi 7 install and slow
behaviour in site, but I need only the Delphi BDE install, not the full
install... And what about MSSQL client installation, is it possible to
install this M$ software?

Is there some how to or people with good experience in doing this?

And with Interbase Client does it work fine?

Thanks for any help,

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