[Wine]DSViewerPro molecular modelling program

Robert Szilagyi szilagyirk at excite.com
Tue Dec 7 22:54:33 CST 2004

Dear Wine Users,<br>I need to do a Molecular Modelling demonstration for a class using the demo version of DSViewerPro downloadable freely from http://www.accelrys.com/download/ds_viewer_register/pro/ds_viewerpro_reg.php<br><br>Just for one class and for only a demo program I don't want to install a complete windows operating on my SuSe 9.1 box running wine <br>Version: 20040213 Vendor: SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany<br>Release: 41 Build Date: Tue 06 Apr 2004 12:42:30 PM MDT<br><br>The installation runs cleanly(lots of message on the debug screen but nothing major); however, when I start a program I get a window win an error message that "Failed to create an empty document"<br>Whenever I try to open a new window/molecule I get the same message.<br>The debug screen says<br>Could not stat /media/floppy (No such file or directory), ignoring drive A:<br>Could not stat /media/cdrom (No such file or directory), ignoring drive M:<br>fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub<br>err:opengl:X11DRV_ChoosePixelFormat Maximum number of visuals reached !<br>err:opengl:X11DRV_ChoosePixelFormat Maximum number of visuals reached !<br>fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub<br>
In addition, when I try to run the program twice the desktop collapses and I found myself at the GNOME/X11 login screen.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I will need to give in for windows ....

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