[Wine]WINE x Delphi BDE + MSSQL Client

Stefan Munz stefan.munz at itomig.de
Wed Dec 8 04:23:53 CST 2004

Hi Edilmar,

Am Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2004 00:33 schrieb Edilmar Alves:
> Hi,
> I have an app with Delphi7 + MSSQL, developed during 10 years.
> Now, the users have asked me about some way to run this app into Linux
> Fedora Core 2/3.
> I use Fedora for apps in Java with no problems, but I never heard about
> Delphi run.
> I look at WineHQ site about this combination of Delphi + MSSQL but I
> didn't find. I found some thing about Delphi 7 install and slow
> behaviour in site, but I need only the Delphi BDE install, not the full
> install... And what about MSSQL client installation, is it possible to
> install this M$ software?

yes it is possible. but you'll have to try, wether your app will work. Some 
hints are maybe found in the app db on winehq.com.
generally, if you have the possibility to use dcom dlls native (that 
translates into "you have a win98 licence" :-) this helps a lot. 

I would try to install the app with wine. if this doesn't work you can try to 
copy an windows installation to your .wine dir (don't forget to export the 
registry and import it into wine).

hope this helps!


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