[Wine]i need serious help

Implied Paradox impliedparadox at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 11:59:36 CST 2004

I have absolutely no idea how to use linux and I am
trying to install WINE.

I am running Linspire 4.5 and I actually want to
install winesetuptk (this is what it tells me to do
when i try to run a program with WINE).  I downloaded
the tar.bz2 file from sourceforge and have no idea
what to do from there.  When you guys say, type ~/blah
blah I do not know what that means, type it where?  I
need step by step instructions on what to do.

At first I unpackaged it and ran the winesetup.sh file
and it asked me to "Just Configure" or setup kde.  I
clicked setup kde, it closed the window nothing
happened, and now when I try running the winesetup.sh,
it says "No such file or directory".  I already tried
deleteing the fiels and re-unpackage them, nothing

Please help me.

-- Jared

(The main reason I am doing this is when I installed
Linspire, it hid my partition that boots winxp, so i
cannot boot winxp and I have no idea what to do)

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