[Wine]re: fonts - newbie squared now keyboard

David L. Smith smithfamily at oswego.net
Thu Dec 9 14:02:25 CST 2004

Well, fonts look (usually) nice on my main machine, but still dragged out when 
I ssh from my laptop. Big thanks for the help. I'm currently trying to learn 
how to install into my fake windows directory. I moved one app in bodily (so 
what happened to them install files) and it seems to work fine, with hardly 
any more annoying problems than in windows. But...

Does anyone have experience with NoteTab Light? It seems to work in part, but 
the fact that I cannot get the keyboard to work makes it hard to test. 
Numbers and control keys work, but the symbols and letters (including 
uppercase) do not. Any ideas? Should this be something to debug? I have a 
terminal open behind the apps window, but there aren't any messages printing, 
unlike what happens with another app I tried to install but seems to die when 
I started it up. (We'll worry about that 'un later.)

David L. Smith

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