[Wine]replacing builtin library files with native dlls

nvariance-m1 at yahoo.ca nvariance-m1 at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 9 15:55:08 CST 2004


I want to replace some of the builtin libraries of
Wine with native ones to improve performance in some
games.  The wine documentation refers to a
'~/.wine/config' that doesn't exist.  From what I've
gathered from this mailing list, I should simply move
the native dlls I want into the fake c drive
(.wine/drive_c/windows) and Wine will use them
instead.  Is this right or am I missing anything?

Also, would there be a problem with, for instance,
importing most/all of the DirectX 8/9 dlls?  Would it
be a seamless integration or is it unadvisable?

Lastly, would doing the above breach any of MS's End
User License Agreements (I have a license for Win98)?

Thanks for any answers you can provide.

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