[Wine]Installing MS SQL Server 2000 on Wine

Capitán Planeta capitanplaneta at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 08:59:04 CST 2004

Hi, I'm new on this list, first of all I wanted to say "Hi" to all of
you from Madrid, Spain.

And now, my question is... How can I install MS SQL Server 2000 on
Wine? Yes, I know, MS sucks and there are better, free, alternatives
like MySQL, etc., but I really need to have a MS SQL Server client
running on my computer, as several of the projects I work in are based
on that specific database.

So, I've downloaded an SQL Server evaluation from Micro$oft:


And, using wine, I try to install it executing this line:

wine c:\\SQLEVAL.EXE

Then the installation begins, the decompression process starts working
but suddenly it says that I haven't got enough free space on C:. It
needs a little more than 1 Gb, and I've got more than 5 Gb free on my
hard disk.

So, is it possible to install this program on Wine? I'm using the last
version, and my distribution of Linux is Fedora Core 3.

Please help ! If it can't be installed on Wine, are there any other
free alternatives like other Windows emulators?

Thanks a lot.


Capitán Planeta de camino al planeta Fedora !!!

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