[Wine]drives - semi newbie

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sat Dec 11 09:36:25 CST 2004

David L. Smith wrote:
> Okay, on the nth reading about drives at 
> http://www.winehq.com/site/docs/wine-user/config-drive-main
> I see that I simply need to type P:\usr\mywine, or, in my case, P:\mnt\crate 
> to access my FAT drive. But, ya know, it seems I cannot find where I am to 
> type this.

I am confused. What are you trying to accomplish? In Wine in a file open 
dialog, P: will be selected in the dialog just as in Windows.

> Now, in the ancient past, I have done this in an ancient wine 
> version by putting it in a certain section in the configuration file, but is 
> that what I am supposed to do now? I think I'm supposed to put it into the 
> [Wine] section. Is this correct?

Read carefully section 5.5.4. If you look in your ~/.wine directory, you 
will find a subdirectory "dosdevices". Try:

ls -al ~/.wine/dosdevices

That shows the mapping of unix directories, including mounted Windows 
filesystems, to drive letters for Wine.

By the way, once you figure out what parts of the directions are 
confusing and what they should say to better help newbies, consider 
making those changes and submitting them back to the Wine project.

> Since fstab lists my ntfs drives as 
> read-only, will Wine honor that?

Wine would have no choice. The Linux kernel enforces that.

> More questions about drives. I think the docs are saying that if I point to my 
> NT window files on my NTFS drive, then Wine will use them. I take it that 
> this means that it will use the unix file system to read 'em in without 
> writing. Is this true?

True, but some applications might break if they are unable to write the 
filesystem being used. In general, I would try to discourage doing this.

> btw, I found a remark about font resolution in my re-reading of
> http://www.winehq.com/site/docs/wine-user/config-file
> Since some of the apps still have shaky fonts, I hope this is saying that 
> changing the font resolution will fix the problem.

If you have not copied the TT fonts from your Windows system into the 
Wine C:/windows/Fonts directory, then do so. That is likely all you need 
to do to get nice looking fonts.

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