[Wine]Baldur's Gate 2 randomly crashes ("Runtime error") with Wine-20041201

Michal Kepien lordpopcorn at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Dec 13 09:20:51 CST 2004

> You could try changing the Windows version to imitate ("Windows" = "win95"
> ou 98 or nt...); I had the same problem with another game and changing
> "Windows" = "win98" to "Windows" = "winnt" solved it.

Tried that already (all possible settings) - no effect, I'm afraid. Today I've
reinstalled BG2 *without* installing the latest patch - the same problem occurs.
Also, one weird thing happened, only once. I played the game and suddenly the
screen turned blue and the program told me: "Baldur's Gate 2 error: the CD was
removed from the drive" (this is a translation). How the heck could it be
removed if I didn't unmount it? :-) Maybe it's something connected with the CD
copy protection? I've read that European versions of BG2 are protected with the
LaserLock system... Any ideas?

Michal Kepien

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