[Wine]Baldur's Gate 2 randomly crashes ("Runtime error") with Wine-20041201

Fabrice DELENTE fabrice.delente at free.fr
Mon Dec 13 09:54:46 CST 2004

I'm at a loss here. I'm not a wine specialist, and Baldur's Gate II worked
fine when I mounted the CD before playing.

The 'ntdll critical section' wait smells like a problem in the thread
scheduling, so something deep in the core of wine. Sorry I can't help more.

I've just started BG2-Epic Endeavours for 30 seconds in wine-20041201
(self-compiled) and everything went fine (even the sound :^) butI'll try to
give it a longer run tonight.

See you.

E-mail : fabrice.delente at free.fr

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