[Wine]About Apps developed in Windows That use native ODBC's

Bill Medland billmedland at mercuryspeed.com
Mon Dec 13 17:17:53 CST 2004

On December 13, 2004 02:21 pm, Giovanni Ramirez wrote:
> Hi there....
> I'd like to know how to use WINE with applications developed in Windows
> that use net components (such as ODBC clients)......For example:
> I developed an application in VB6, and it uses an Oracle ODBC conexion
> (previously I installed the Oracle client). Hot do I use it in Wine?
> - Do I need to emulate the Oracle ODBC Client for Windows?
> - If I got a Native Linux ODBC conexion, is there no need to emulate the
> ODBC client?
> Thanks in advance

If you have a linux ODBC manager, such as unixODBC, and you have a suitable 
Oracle ODBC driver for Linux (such as ...) then the native odbc32.dll should 
access that.

To trace any problems use:
export WINEDEBUG=odbc
wine myprog 2>odbc.log

Alternatively or in addition you can enable logging within the unixODBC or 
whichever you use.

Bill Medland
mailto:billmedland at mercuryspeed.com

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