[Wine]dcom98 install problem?

handsome greg xdissent at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 17:56:48 CST 2004

im trying to install dcom98 in order to install flash mx 2004.  at the
end of the process for dcom98, it says that "this version is for
windows 98 only" and that i need to try a version for NT.  i have my
windows version set to 98 in my config file... why is this happening? 
is there any way to manually install it?  i copied stdole32.tlb from
my xp install and it actually let me RUN the flash installer with that
file in place, but it still says it cant find some files.  any
suggestions?  my photoshop 7 installed and runs PERFECTLY, which is
reason enough to keep using wine, but it would be nice to run flash
too.  thanks

handsome greg

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