OT: TOP or BOTTOM posts ;-) Re: [Wine]Tracktion

Julian Hall wine at kaotic.co.uk
Mon Dec 20 09:10:13 CST 2004

John Wildberger wrote:

>Bottom postings are *most annoying* when responding to a longwinded text by 
>just saying one or two words, or a  short sentence with little or no 
IIRC there is a general rule that a reply to a mail should constitute no 
more than 50% (maximum) of the original post, thus allowing for 
interspersing as John says.  Longwinded messages copied in their 
entitety with "me too" at the bottom are extremely annoying.

Personally I prefer the interspersing approach, or the bottom posting 
for public forums.  Simply because this follows a basic rule of temporal 
mechanics:  Cause and *then* effect.  An examiner would not read a 
student's paper, with answers first and then look to see what question 
had just been answered.  With interspersing you can follow an easy 
thread of "he said then she said then I said" etc.  On that note however 
another annoyance is quoting the entire thread in every post going back 
six or seven replies.  This might be handy for someone new to the group 
but it's extremely annoying to those of us who just want to read the 
latest comments, and not wade through the history.  Personally I keep it 
to my reply and the last person's comments, as I have here.  Rarely I 
may go back one stage further if clarity is served by doing so.

Kind regards,


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