OT: TOP or BOTTOM posts ;-) Re: [Wine]Tracktion

Matty Matty at zootal.com
Mon Dec 20 10:22:32 CST 2004

After years of reading and writing messages on Usenet and other public
forums, I'll take top posting any day, unless there is value to be gained
from interspersed posting. When I look at a message thread, I want the
latest message right there at the top where I can quickly see it without
having to scroll down and look for it. Of course, this being a Linux list,
I'm probably the odd man out. When I see a message that is bottom posted and
has so much text that it fills my default sized text window (meaning I have
to scroll down to see what the latest comments are) I usually skip over it
and don't read it. I don't have time to scroll down a bazillion messages to
see the most current bottom posted comments.

Yeah, yeah, proper bottom posted messages will not fill my text window
because the poster properly removed the irrelevant text. This,
unfortunately, rarely happens.

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> It all boils down to a question of common sense. If a comment is made to
> subject line in general, TOP POSTING is the better way. I f the comment is
> made to specific points, then  INTERSPERSED POSTING  is preferred. If a
> comment is made to the overall context, then BOTTOM POSTING *might* be
> better.
> Bottom postings are *most annoying* when responding to a longwinded text
> just saying one or two words, or a  short sentence with little or no
> substance. People who insist of applying fixed rules are usually laking
> common sense. But as always, there are exceptions :-)
> John

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