OT: TOP or BOTTOM posts ;-) Re: [Wine]Tracktion

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 12:58:59 CST 2004

I prefer to Top Post for a reason: I treat it like
News rather than a "Cause & Effect".  Meaning, you
look at a news archive, and the newest piece of news
is at the top.  Yesterday's post goes at the bottom. 
Bottom posting promotes the rereading of old news. 
When I open up a newspaper, I sure hope I don't see
yesterday's news first; if I want that, I can "search"
for it.  (i.e. scroll down.)

But, I will respect whatever the majority wants in
this thread.

OR, I can continue my new rule: alternate between Top
Posting and Bottom Posting.  (My last post was a
Bottom Post, this was a Top Post, and suspect my next
post will be a Bottom Post. BUAHAHAHAHAHA!) :) :)


> Personally I prefer the interspersing approach, or
> the bottom posting 
> for public forums.  Simply because this follows a
> basic rule of temporal 
> mechanics:  Cause and *then* effect.

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