[Wine]IE and Firefox Firewall ?

Julian Hall wine at kaotic.co.uk
Tue Dec 21 09:21:49 CST 2004

Anandraj wrote:

>hi all,
>I just installed Firefox on my windows machine in the lab!
>My office has a firewall block to access sites like yahoo,msn,etc ,....!
IE probably has a proxy set to go through your company's firewall.  My 
old employer had the same restriction.  However, using any browser that 
hasn't been configured by Internal Support (ie a vanilla Netscape or 
Firefox) and the machine will establish direct contact bypassing the 
company's security.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT in any way shape or form condoning bypassing 
security of any system, for any reason whatsoever.  I am simply 
answering the question posed.

Kind regards,


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