[Wine]Xara X Install or Execute

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Dec 21 11:36:41 CST 2004

J Facemyer wrote:
> Duane Clark wrote:
>>J Facemyer wrote:
>>>I'm trying to run Xara X either from native windows directory or from 
>>>local fake windows directory.  When I run it from windows dir, I get 
>>>the splash screen and then it hangs.  When I try to install locally 
>>>(using msi installer) it doesn't work.
>>It is not clear from this whether it failed to install, or it apparently 
>>installed but does not run.
> It looked like it installed, but only for super user.  The files were 
> all in place, but it acted the same way, just hung on splash screen.

You should not be running Wine as root, and this could possibly be part 
of the problem.

You should get to a configuration that we can understand and work from. 
That means first of all stating what Linux version you are using, and 
what Wine version and where you got it.

Then you should, as an ordinary user (not root) completely delete your 
current ~/.wine directory, and the Wine C: drive if it is located 
somewhere other than within the ~/.wine. You should then execute "wine 
notepad" or just "notepad", assuming you are using a reasonably current 
Wine (which you should be doing). This will cause a new, fresh ~/.wine 
to be created along with a new Wine C: drive.

Now try installing and running Xara X. Post any messages printed out.

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