[Wine]From a newbie: how to run MS Word?

romeomedina at libero.it romeomedina at libero.it
Wed Dec 22 10:48:41 CST 2004


Half an hour ago I installed wine-20041201 under Mandrake Linux 9.1,
successfully I think.
On my PC I also have a partition with Windows 98 in it, correctly mounted.
I installed Wine with the main purpose of properly writing and reading documents
in MS Word, since neither kword, nor Open Office kwrite nor even abiword
achieve this purpose in a satisfaying way.
Now, probably I haven't understood the basics of Wine, bare with me:
but how do I run MS Word with Wine??
I tried from command line with '$ wine word', '$ wine word.exe',
always getting the message: 'wine: cannot find ...'
I'm sure I'm missing some elementary concept:
please, help!


P.S.: I don't know if it's important, but during the installation I was asked if
I wished to use
the Windows Drive already existing on my system or to create a clean Wine install,
and I chose the second possibility: the fake C drive was placed in
Maybe do I have to install MSWord in this fake Windows system?
If so, how?

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