[Wine]DC++ crashes with current CVS wine

cedric at softhome.net cedric at softhome.net
Wed Dec 22 12:23:48 CST 2004

On Monday 22 November 2004 07:11, Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!
>   I have a lot of news in this case: I've downloaded sources for DC++
> unstable and looked onto them to see in which place the program crashes.
> I've found that it occurs when the download/upload progress bar is about to
> be drawn. I've also found that progress bar drawing can be disabled in
> advanced setting (oh yes, source is the best user's manual You can have :-)
> ). I did so and DC++ started to work for me.
>   I think that it is a good starting point for a wine developer to find,
> what's happening there, it should be easy to find when the source code
> which exhibits the bug is available and exact location of bug invocation is
> known. Because I know windows at a zero level, I cannot help with this, but
> I hope that others can, and fixing this bug may help other apps too (and,
> even in DC++, the bars are a nice eye-candy :-) ).
>   Should I post this message to wine-devel, or is it enough to post it
> here, in wine-users ?
>                                With regards, Pavel Troller
Last week i was also playing with DC++ in wine, and the above makes it indeed 
usable! Thanks for the advice. Now I can hope for two things:
1-DC++ is ported to linux
2-wine is made compatible with DC++

My versions:
Wine 20041201

Regards, cedric
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